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“My resume and cover letter are phenomenal.  I am so excited and nervous to launch on my new adventure.  Thank you for taking the time to write my resume I truly appreciate it.” —Ann Marie L.

Today’s employer takes 6.2 seconds to see what you bring to the company’s bottom-line.

What makes you stand out from the crowd? What is the ROI on hiring you over the other candidates? How will you fit into the company’s corporate culture?

These questions run through the minds of hiring managers are they review a resume. They also want to know if you’ve got the skills and talent to step into a fast-paced environment quickly and adeptly. Can you do the job?

Your resume needs to show the results you’ll bring to this company’s forefront. Instead of a functional listing of qualities, present a powerfully written accomplishment-oriented resume that outlines key achievements that drove revenue growth, expanded market share in a highly competitive market, or as a change agent introduced new strategies that opened greater opportunities globally or locally.

For over 30 years I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, C-level executives, VPs, Marketing Managers and Sales executives preparing career documents such as professional resumes, C.V.s, business model case studies, cover letters and broadcast letters that articulated their talents and seated them in front of corporate leaders to interview and find success.

Learning all I can about your background, accomplishments, and climb up the corporate ladder, I craft a career documents that drive your personal brand so you stand above so you stand above your competition. Leave no doubt about your unique role to add value, drive ongoing success and build client loyalty.

Creating a professional brand demands accuracy, excellent grammar, and engaging content that captures the reader’s attention. A professional resume showcases your business image, and clearly shows how you’ve made a difference to expand the business. One misspelled word, one grammatical flaw and you lose the opportunity.  Don’t make anyone question the quality of your brand or abilities.  Hiring a professional writer to provide practical, comprehensive solutions to your new, updated or revised copy is a shrewd investment.

Today’s global job market demands the absolute best you have to offer.  Make sure you put your best foot forward with a quality resume or business presentation.

If it wasn’t for Linda, I wouldn’t be making the wage that I am. I was insecure, afraid of the job market, and Linda changed all of that for me. She made the PERFECT resume and guided me thru the process. THANK YOU Lady!” — Stacey Mc.

Resume Reviews

Frustrated that your resume doesn’t get the results you want?  Can’t afford to hire a professional resume writer to update your materials? Hiring a professional to evaluate your resume is a shrewd business choice.  Let me work with you to enhance your strengths, accomplishments and achievements by listing them in a short, succinct way.   Your resume is your brand, your marketing tool.  Make it the best it can be.  Hamilton Writing Services provides feedback on your existing content, suggests resume tips for strategic improvements to give you a competitive edge and stand above the crowd.  Get the best ROI from your resume. After all, it represents your future growth both professionally and influentially. Call today!

“Your resume is good. I am now employed. Thank you!” — Michael D. (one day after receiving his new materials)

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