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Linda is highly motivated, innovative and gathers unique insights for her clients. Her ability to quickly capture and showcase an individual’s experience, expertise and impact in words is remarkable. Linda is a strong advocate for your business success and a true joy to work with.

– Elaine Starling, President and Chief Marketing Insighter at Starling Media Services, Inc.

Great business writing is a story that conveys the value of your product, services or talents to a targeted audience. Through crisp, clear content you educate your reader, capture their attention, and connect so they understand you’re the answer to their needs.

YOU NEED someone who can share your mission and vision with your target market. You need to explain how your products and services make a difference and why they are important. And you need to convince your target audience why you’re the best to meet their need.

I WRITE the words that tell your story and sell you and your products and services. I talk to your team. I learn about your business to understand your organization and create engaging content that connects with readers so they’ll take action.

Drawing on my journalism background, I know that good writing pulls the reader into the story so they envision it, feel it, and become part of it. By engaging your audience, you make the story real, it connects, and drives them to make the phone call, send the email or drive to your brick and mortar to get results.

Blending storytelling with journalistic techniques, I’ve successfully written:

  • A business model case study that advanced a middle management professional toward executive management.
  • Academic essays for special needs educators pinpointing professional development and process change.
  • Professional bios for C-level executives reaching international audiences.
  • Training curriculum that educates your staff to boost customer service, overcome challenges and drive performance.
  • Blog posts that show your audience why your product and service is exactly what they need.
  • Web content that connects with readers to convert clicks to clients.

For over 25 years I been working with marketing managers, CEOs, global marketing associates, and companies of all sizes to articulate their value proposition and drive business growth and profitability.

Here’s what I can create for you:

  • Webpage content
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Case studies
  • Marketing brochures
  • Blogs
  • Ghostwriting
  • Broadcast or marketing letters
  • Proofreading & Editing

I understand how businesses work and write from your customer’s perspective.

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