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Linda is highly motivated, innovative and gathers unique insights for her clients. Her ability to quickly capture and showcase an individual’s experience, expertise and impact in words is remarkable. Linda is a strong advocate for your business success and a true joy to work with.

– Elaine Starling, President and Chief Marketing Insighter at Starling Media Services, Inc.

Promote your case study, white paper and marketing content with professionalism that exemplifies your brand. Clients recognize your commitment to detail and quality when well-written content shines from the page. Solid facts, SEO metrics, and persuasive content bolster your brand and tell clients you understand their challenges and how to solve them.

Don’t Lose Client Trust 

One misspelled word, one grammatical flaw in a case study, white paper or marketing content shows a lack of detail. Boost your brand performance with premium content written by a passionate expert who understands your challenges; someone committed to communicating its value to prospects. A respected brand doesn’t tell a story, it exudes confidence and trust in the company behind it. And well-crafted customer engaging case study or white paper is ideal for building business growth and your bottom line.

Use SEO To Boost Client Appeal

We know that using strong SEO metrics allows search engines to boost your rankings and find your product. Inserting SEO properly shouldn’t hinder the reader in understanding your branding. While it boosts your online placement, it helps prospects find you first and beat your competition.

Freelance Writers Ease Your Burden

A writer who knows your challenges and understands SEO transforms your case study or white paper into written content that bolsters your competitiveness.

But marketing directors and managers are sometimes are busy with other channels and responsibilities leaving no time to create content. This lack of manpower leaves a void affecting your brand and competitiveness.

Or perhaps your company is growing so fast you don’t have an in-house content writer.

If you need a comprehensive case study or authoritative white paper to strengthen your brand, let’s chat to see if I’m a good fit for you. For over 30 years I’ve written targeted documents to promote personal brands that helped achieve business goals. Learn more about my freelance rates and how I can boost your outreach.

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