What Clients Say

By combining my writing expertise in business and resume writing, I created marketing documents that worked to help entrepreneurs, education administrators, blue collar workers and marketing executives succeed. Here’s what past clients say about working with me. I continue to use a collaborative experience to listen to your needs, create content and marketing strategies that will drive traffic to your products or services, and convert prospects to clients.

Business Executives

Elaine Starling

      Linda is highly motivated, innovative and gathers unique insights for her clients. Her ability to quickly capture and showcase an individual’s experience, expertise and impact in words is remarkable. Linda is a strong advocate for your business success and a true joy to work with.

 – Elaine Starling, President and Chief Marketing Insighter at Starling Media Services, Inc.

Molly Walker

Linda is terrific. She is detailed, responsive and always meets my demanding standards. I would gladly refer her and have.

– Molly Walker, Owner—Walker Communications

I started not one but two businesses in the last three years, thus I needed quite a lot of help with wording of Advertising and I used Hamilton Writing Services, with whom I was very, very pleased! Linda wrote letters, blogs, advertisements and flyers, you name it. She has a wonderful sense of humor that throws spice into her writings and a command of the English language!! She is a “real go getter,” works very hard for you and really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her writing!

— Jaime A., Entrepreneur

Becca Wright

  I’m thrilled to give Linda a recommendation!! Linda really captured my colorful, fun personality. I’ve used others and most of them are too dry or too professional, that it does not suit my personality. I have no time to focus on being a perfect writer-being honest.  LOLs.  I enjoy her wonderful, kind ways of putting it in perspective. Linda is a joy to work with and I Highly Recommend her!! Thank you for being you. 😉

—  Becca Wright, Creative Online Commercial Marketer, Lead Capture Specialist, Visionary Entrepreneur Business Cupid at Flyertoss.com

— Deborah “Debbie” Dower, Owner/President, Paradise Laundry Inc.

Trudy Catterfield

  Linda is a delight to work with and took me through the process of just not updating my resume, but writing a masterpiece that showed not only my solid experience, but represented that experience in the best possible light. She’s truly an expert in resume writing and I believe the way she communicates one’s work experience can make the difference in getting chosen for an interview. If you want to get employed, I recommend Hamilton Writing Services as your first step in that direction.

— Trudy Catterfield, Marketing Director at BookMarketingNext

I’ve known and worked with Linda for over 20 years. I’ve hired her for work on essays, reports, career materials and my academic administration materials.   Linda, your ability to clearly convey ideas and concepts have helped me get the needed credentials necessary to advance my career. You are a God-send. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I can’t thank you enough! I couldn’t have done this without you.

–Tina F., Principal & School Administrator

Business Professionals for Business Needs

Linda wrote a fantastic marketing document for me that enabled me to get my current employment. She also conducted a resume writing workshop for my financial coaching class that received the highest ratings of my 10 week course.

— Lori Ackerman, President at FPA of Northern California

Linda A. Hamilton is a thorough, diligent and comprehensive editor and writer who has repeatedly demonstrated her excellence for articulation, creativity, and reliability. She has an inventive edge, an exemplary attitude, and a determined streak that will assuredly further any company’s organizational goals.

— Sufi Mohamed, SEO Specialist & Online Marketing Manage

Wow-Brilliant!!! That is what I have to say about Linda’s “verbal portrait” of me. I had over 28 years of work experience that needed to be highlighted, summarized, yet not leave out any of “the Good Stuff”! She did it brilliantly! The resume and cover letter she prepared for me is simply, spot ON…..I am glad I trusted my “gut” and chose to hire her!

– Susan M.

I loved the initial consultation, which is what sold me on having the resume re-written. The ability to discuss what makes a resume work and have a professional to answer any questions you have was terrific. It helps to know how a prospective employer views a resume and what the automated filter systems are looking for.

Next the price was very reasonable compared to other outfits that perform this service and because of the consultation I felt comfortable with someone who knew my background history and skills and could transform those into a better presentation. I also felt better already knowing some of Linda’s concepts and thought processes, which is something I don’t think you get with other resume re-write outfits who would just assign someone to perform the task.

Last, work performed by a professional. I asked the LinkedIn group how you would know a rewritten resume is better than what you already have. Now I know that there can be substantial improvement when someone spends as much time understanding your background and skills as Linda did when I requested the consultation followed by the re-write. I am very pleased with the product and the fact I got three formats of it was a bonus. Thanks!

— Steve H.

At our most recent job fair, Linda volunteered her time and expertise to critique resumes. As a job seeker was leaving, he told me that she did a great job helping him and that talking with her made his job fair experience worth it. He found her advice very helpful and he said that she definitely knew what she was talking about. 

— Devon Cunningham

After receiving a notice for a really good job I had been pursuing with no luck, I decided I need help rewriting my resume, cover letter and a writing sample. I searched the internet and saw all kinds of people and prices up and down the board.

I settled in on Linda and boy am I glad I did. Not sure what to expect as I have never done this type of thing but knew I needed help.

Linda took the time to interview, discuss my business and look at my writing style.

I had a close deadline to meet. She completed my materials on time. She felt I was well qualified for the position.

The interview came and I assembled a packet for each on the interview panel. They were extremely impressed and I hit the ball out of the park. I landed a coveted job; i had previously tried for three times. Linda was a great help.

She knows what she is doing and very personable. I give her 5 stars. Thanks again Linda!

–Mike L.

I got the job you did the resume for. I’m really happy, it’s a perfect fit for my skill set! It’s 2 miles from my house and they are very nice. I started yesterday. I love the part time hours. I couldn’t have done it without your help!! Thank you so much.

 Cindy Flynn

Your name keeps popping up as a Resume Expert. People value your insight and ability to capture their skills. You are a value to your industry.

 — Dianne G.

Need help writing a professional resume that stands out from the crowd? She definitely helped me!

–Ally M.

I am so excited about my new resume. I have renewed hope in finding that great job and feel so much better about my career. Thank you so much!

 — Mary F.

I loved how you were very clear and precise and told me exactly what I needed to do to improve my resume. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

 — Amy Z.

I just wanted to say It looks great, thank you. I have already received a compliment from one of my mentors. AGAIN Thanks for your help and patience with me.

– Roger C., Construction Foreman

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