5 Ways To Be In The Top 15 for Every Job Opening

You can be one of the Top 15 selected by the Recruiter or Employer looking for that perfect job!  Out of 1,000 candidates, you CAN find yourself talking face-to-face with an Interviewer interested in how you’ll add value to the company.  Given the right tools and an attitude of self-confidence, you can find yourself with a new job, a steady paycheck and out of the line of the unemployed awaiting benefits every two weeks.

Be the Best of the Best

Differentiate yourself by making sure your resume stands out by listing the right information.   Make sure it contains the information an employer or recruiter wants to see.  With thousands of resumes to review, if a recruiter finds 15 within the first 40 resumes, chances are s/he won’t wade through the remaining 980.  If you’re not in that top 15, your resume won’t even be considered despite your excellent qualities.

So how do you know you’ll make the top 15?  Make sure your resume WOWs the employer with great skills and value-added qualities.  The feedback I get from both employers and clients who haven’t gotten an interview is that the resume didn’t tell anything about how they could make a difference.  They were no different than the other 980 candidates.  While these tips may be repetitive, they will make the difference.


Get the Job You Want

•    Review the Job Description for the position you seek
Make sure you are qualified for the position you seek.   If you know you can do it and have background, list those qualities and pinpoint them.

•    Use Keywords found within the Job Description.
The #1 complaint I hear from employers is that a resume doesn’t contain keywords that they seek in a candidate.  Regardless of their talents, if these keywords are included in the resume context, chances are their scanner doesn’t pick them up and the candidate is lost in the shuffle.

•    Tell employers how you add value to your job.
You have a great job description, but it says nothing about what specifically you did or how your results impacted company growth or customer satisfaction.  Were you recognized as Employee of the Month–for what reason?  Did you save the company thousands of dollars–what did you do specifically that contributed to this?  Did you create new programs that improved efficiency and productivity–why did you create them and what did they do?   If 50 people have the same background as you do, why should the employer choose you above all others?

•    Include your Job Titles, Company Names and Locations and Dates you worked
Employers want to see dates you worked.  If there’s a gap, what are you hiding?  Where did you gain your experience?  Even if you worked for companies that failed, listing the dates and for whom you worked are key factors employers want to see.  You don’t need to include why you left, leave that for the interview, but do include this information on your resume.

•    List only the past 8-10 years of experience.
What worked 12 years ago, may be obsolete now.  In fact, what worked 5 years ago may be defunct now.  Today’s technology changes our work force so dramatically, staying abreast of the newest systems is imperative to success.  And despite common belief, age discrimination does occur;  listing anything beyond 10 years could hurt you more than help you.

•    Include Education and Training.
You don’t need to list high school, but any technical or junior colleges are important.  If you are pursuing a degree, list this and the school at which you study.  Education is becoming a key factor in all jobs these days; if you have it list it, if you don’t look into ways you can take advantage of school programs to expand your education.


Your resume is your soapbox to shout to the world how you add value as a great candidate.  Don’t lose out in the job field by selling yourself short.  And while writing your own resume is the toughest job on the planet, you have well-qualified professional resume writers and services available to help you.  Invest in your future.  Invest in yourself.  Your Return on your Investment may be that perfect job you’ve been looking for in a Hidden Market that only a few have found!

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