Please see my portfolio here. Each one is designed to match the audience. Ghostwritten projects are a common practice in copywriting and allow clients like the CEO, top-end executives or marketing manager to present work in their name or without a name at all.

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California Horse Review:  Mounted Horse Patrol Celebrates 10 years

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Rebuilding an Industry (Construction)

Create Your Own Career as an Independent Contractor

Battle of the Ages — Aging workers are still valued assets in business growth


Meals A La Car – Non-Profit Meals Program

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Streetwise Reports: The Gold Report, The Energy Report

Granite Bay Software User’s Guide

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LHT Revolution Training Manual

Case Studies

Case studies, often called success stories, capture how a business or professional succeeded in accomplishing their goal(s) through a number of actions. With clear, understandable content that explains their actions a case study shows the course of their actions and the overall outcomes.

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Make A Living Writing Guest Post: How to Turn a Bad Review Into Prospecting Gold