Overcoming Roadblocks To Your Success

Recently, Lifetime channel broadcast “Home by Christmas,” a film starring Linda Hamilton, (she makes it nice to know what my name would look like in lights) about a woman who loses her job, she’s evicted, her husband leaves her then cleans out her finances, and soon finds herself on the street.  An ugly situation with overwhelming circumstances. Yet with today’s economy and job market, it may reflect similarities to many lives.

But the movie shows the true resourcefulness each person has in facing and overcoming circumstances by keeping one’s wits and thinking outside the box. It is a movie of self-discovery that each person can experience.  What most impressed me was that regardless of circumstances you have the inner ability to think it through, be resourceful, and change your situation. This may seem too Hollywood, but if you face an impossible situation, take a moment to consider alternatives.  Something that can change for the positive.  If you believe in God, draw upon your Faith, if you have other beliefs draw upon those inner options. You can and will find a way if you don’t stop trying.

Think Outside the Box

As the movie progresses, Hamilton’s character Julia Bedford turns to sleeping in her car until she is able to stay with a friend.  While helping her friend, she begins to find herself, think outside the box, and find her way.   Julia finds a desire to become a realtor. So through borrowed finances from a friend she studies at the local library and gets her realtor’s license.  This leads her to work for a local realtor.  She befriends a store owner who comes to her aid in many ways.  And using her wits and common sense, she connects with others and her circumstances begin to change.  By the end of the movie, she’s got a home, a job, an income, and great friends.

Be Tenacious and Creative

Although it was Hollywood, the point I saw was don’t look at the problem, look at possible solutions. Stop and think for a moment. Regroup.  Make a list of all the things that you can do. Research local or county agencies that might provide assistance.  Find a place to volunteer where you can gain exposure and network with people.  Write them down in a list.  Instead of looking at the circumstances, consider how to work through them one step at a time. How can you overcome? Find a sliver of daylight and walk toward it. Using imagination, ingenuity, tenacity and your wits, you can overcome any problem. Don’t settle for less. You have been given all that you need, the key is learning to find it and use it.

Remove the Mountain

It is not impossible to move mountains if you believe in yourself; if you believe in a Higher Power that gives you additional strength to do the impossible. Chip away at the mountainous obstacle with one tap of the hammer at a time…eventually it will crumble.  Before long you’re reduced that mighty mountain to a pile of gravel.  And then use the lessons learned while creating that pile of gravel to pave the pathway to success.