LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn Profiles

“I’m just reflecting…..  Using your resume and LinkedIn profile you made for me puts me on the top of everyone’s list. I really appreciate you, thank you!!!” — Jeff J.

LinkedIn is the leading job search engine used globally by employers and job seekers alike. Recruiters and employers use LinkedIn as a major resource to vet potential employers and learn about their background and skill sets.

If you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re losing out on hundreds of key opportunities to land that perfect job. Your LinkedIn Profile is more than a glorified resume. It serves as a personalized presentation of your achievements, personal brand and what you offer any new employer. Your LinkedIn profile should articulate your talents through compelling content and specific highlights that connect with your reader. Let me help you create a professional LinkedIn profile that conveys why you’re right for the job.

Your LinkedIn profile should differentiate you from the millions in your field. Through keyword-oriented content and polished writing, I can showcase your talents, background and experience so employers seek you out for interviews.

Or use your LinkedIn membership to locate that perfect job, find employer information or learn more about the company of interest. LinkedIn offers valuable marketing options that help you find and land that interview.

Call today to get started on your LinkedIn profile or to update your existing profile to increase your professional opportunities.