About Linda A. Hamilton

As a seasoned freelance content and copywriter, I’ve helped CEOs, marketing directors, and large and small businesses by writing blogs, newsletters, articles, case studies, white papers, and communications pieces. In each project, I used SEO techniques to improve their marketing positioning and draw new audiences by targeting their needs that needed resolution. After seeing the need for healthcare advocacy and diabetes education and management, my focus is on healthcare, health & wellness, and communications pieces. My goal is to use SEO expertise as a digital content strategist / freelance writer to improve product and company placement with clear, concise content that helps readers understand how my clients provide the best product for their investment. I’ve written blogs that increased readership and client base by showing how you add value and answer their needs with a clarity of understanding how your product works. Whether I’m ghostwriting or writing your content for a website, or case study, white paper or helping you craft a smart content strategy, I bring a wealth of experience to your company. Here’s what a colleague wrote about me in an introduction during a conference:

“Specializing in crafting case studies, white papers, or business documents that drive your success with compelling content that connects with your audience, Linda is recognized for her enthusiasm and the expertise she brings to the process of writing strategic business materials to help increase marketability, revenue growth and readership.

“A published writer, her articles cover topics like corporate culture, equestrian events and healthcare, health and wellness advocacy, and highlighting specific business clients. Linda’s also written public relations pieces for California State Parks Department, contributed to HR manuals for California Department of Motor Vehicles, and has been a freelance writer of business plans, marketing plans, professional bios, and blog posts for business clients that include career colleges, eBay, Inc., media services, and specialty businesses. She’s also recognized as an editor and proofreader.

“Using storytelling techniques, Linda creates crisp, engaging content that educates readers on the features and benefits of business products or services.

“Business clients gain a writer whose entrepreneurial background adds insight into writing blog posts, articles or web content, using SEO techniques, to draw in audiences and convert visitors to paying clients. Clients will gain detailed insight into the added value you’ll bring to their bottom-line, and how you’ll answer their pain points and overcome the obstacles of an ever-changing economy.

“During her years in Corporate America, Linda wrote award-winning training curriculum that propelled the Customer Service and Retails Sales departments to #1 in their industry. Tasked with writing continuing education materials, she interviewed department managers and directors, led workshops for internal career advancement, and understood the company culture to aide in building stronger customer service for a growing client-base. Her resume writing handbook became a benchmark of the HR department spanning three national reorganizations.

“Linda is a member of the Freelance Writer’s Den, past member of American Writers & Artists Inc., National Writers & Artists Inc., past Vice President and Zone Chairman for the Folsom Lake Trail Patrol and past President for Sunrise Business Builders. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, emphasizing news-reporting and photojournalism, with minors in English, Psychology and Sociology. She studied writing for publication under Bud Gardner. And pursued a Masters in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. She is a business writer and previously wrote career development pieces that helped hundreds of clients promote their careers in multiple careers.

“Linda’s background in journalism and a lifetime in writing opened the door to innovative methods that capture her client’s strengths, ideas, goals and personality resulting in personalized professional profiles that project their value. Customers benefit from her business prowess and journalistic style; subsequently she gained a strong following within Northern California by helping professionals secure new employment or expand their business using creatively written works.”

— Elaine Starling, Owner–Starling Media Services