How I Work

My background as a business content and career document writer?

For a long while I’ve helped businesses and professionals craft business plans, web content, case studies, LinkedIn profiles and other marketing materials.

As a journalist, business writer and ghostwriter I’ve interviewed professionals and marketing directors to learn what they need, learn about their audience and gain insight on their writing needs.

I love to blend storytelling and journalistic strategies to write compelling content that captures your audience and add value to client needs through content marketing strategies that sell.

What assignments do I handle?

Because I come from a family of self-employed entrepreneurs I understand how businesses work and what professionals desire in marketing content that connects with their target audience. I quickly grasp business and sales concepts and excel in articulating ideas into compelling content that is relevant for success. I help companies and individuals write for general audiences and C-level executives.

For over 13 years I wrote award-winning training content for wireless communications, public relations pieces, articles to promote restaurants, business plans and funding documents that convey the talents and experience of business owners and corporate leaders. Through compelling case studies, blog posts, web content, press releases, direct mail marketing pieces, and real estate pieces my clients increased their competitive edge.

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How do I quote projects?

I charge by the project, not hourly, which helps you know what to expect and exactly what you are going to pay.

I’m not an hourly rate business content or copywriter. My fees are partly based on the time it takes to customize your materials, I include my expertise and value I bring to the table and take into account standard industry prices. I’m not the cheapest, nor am I the most expensive. I don’t write $100 articles or career documents.

I do research your experience or your company, your competitors and your job goals and take time to understand your target audience before I begin writing. I’ll discuss your objectives and goals for each piece, and provide you with a proposal or client contract that defines clearly what I can and will do for you.

I base my fees on:

  • The type of written materials you need
  • Whether or not you have any messaging or background materials to work from
  • How much research is involved
  • What deadlines are involved
  • The nature of the product or service
  • The complexity of you writing needs

What do you need from us to get started?

 Proposal Agreement & Payment

After an initial consultation, I create a scope of work that defines how I can help you and what it will cost. After we discuss your proposal agreement, often called a client contract, and we agree it meets your needs and how much you want to invest in your project, you need to sign the contract and return a copy to me. Sometimes if we’ve met in person, you review the contract at that time, sign it, and we exchanged signed copies.

For career marketing documents or resume writing projects, I require full payment up front for all projects under $2,000. This is a resume industry standard. It also reserves time on my schedule. At any given time, I may be working on several projects of various sizes. Note that most career marketing documents and resume projects are much below that cost.

For most projects, I require 50 percent of the project fee up front to begin work. I’ll invoice you for the remaining amount with net terms, which are 15-30 days or upon project completion, which comes first.

I also work on a monthly retainer if that better suits your needs. Retainer fees are due the first of the month and include a 60-day cancellation clause notice.  For professionals seeking career advancement, this is an ideal way to receive updates on career documents for multiple job search opportunities over a period of time.

How long will it take to write my copy or documents?

From experience, it depends on what you need written. In general, I will estimate how long it takes for me to deliver the first draft for your review.

Typically for career documents, such as resumes, CVs, cover letters, and broadcasting letters, turnaround averages 7-10 business days following completion your personal strategy session or our initial consultation following signature of the contract.

Sometimes you may need a faster turnaround time. We will discuss this during your consultation and it will be outlined in the scope of work provided in your signed client contract. If your timeline changes after the contract is signed and you have a “rush” job, call me and I’ll see if I can fit it into my schedule. Rush jobs typically include a rush fee. If I can’t help you, I’ll refer you to a writer who may be able to accommodate your need.

For business marketing projects, it will depend on the availability of the executives or customers involved in the project during the interview and reviewing processes. Sometimes your experts are not immediately available, have quit and moved to another company, or can’t get back to me for several weeks.

How do I handle edits and revisions?

When I submit a draft, most clients are very happy with my work and don’t require revisions. Generally, all clients are asked to review their drafts and get back to me in 5 days to make edits or revisions. Two sets of revisions are included in the project fee and reflected on the contract. If revisions are requested, they are normally handled by phone to quickly make revisions and get your documents back to you within 24 hrs., depending on the revision.

For business projects, two sets of revisions are included in the contract fee. Revisions must be requested in 10-30 days of receipt of the copy. To be considered as reviews, they must not involve a change in direction, scope or format. This change in scope is covered in the original contract as well. Business project revisions may take longer, depending on what is requested and their complexity. Normally, they take only a few days.

Do you guarantee your work?

No reputable writer can guarantee your case study, career documents, white paper or direct response content will generate a specific amount of response or will be included in any publication or website. While several agencies are pioneering a pay-only-for-placement business model, I do not work this way.

The client contract outlines this in detail for every project, including career documents.

I do guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the written materials I’ll provide you. If the project misses the mark, I’ll fix it until you are satisfied.

I have a project in mind and am ready to start. How do I contact you?

 Give me a call at (916) 698-3461 or email me, and we can discuss your project and needs through a free consultation.