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“My resume and cover letter are phenomenal.  I am so excited and nervous to launch on my new adventure.  Thank you for taking the time to write my resume I truly appreciate it.” —Ann Marie L.

Accuracy, good grammar, and engaging content are essential  to promote your brand, professional image and marketability toward success.  One misspelled word, one grammatical flaw and you lose the opportunity.  Don’t make anyone question the quality of your brand or abilities.  Hiring a professional writer to provide practical, comprehensive solutions to your new, updated or revised copy is a shrewd investment.  Today’s global job market demands the absolute best you have to offer.  Make sure you put your best foot forward with a quality resume or LinkedIn profile, business presentation or marketing piece.
I’ve helped business professionals and CEOs improve their marketing presence through career documents. I’ve worked with marketing managers, VPs of marketing, and global associates expand their market share through compelling content that connected with their target audience.
Check out my Writing Samples and call me today to see how we can work together to boost your company’s marketability and profitability through crisp, compelling content that articulates your products, services, and employee talents.
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If it wasn’t for Linda, I wouldn’t be making the wage that I am. I was insecure, afraid of the job market, and Linda changed all of that for me. She made the PERFECT resume and guided me thru the process. THANK YOU Lady!” — Stacey Mc.