Freelance writer, content writer for businesses and healthcare companies.
Resume writer and ghostwriter for professionals in job search and career development.

Need a Freelance Writer or Ghost Writer for your Business?

Linda Hamilton, Freelance Writer and Ghost Writer

At this time, I am cutting back on new clients and services due to health issues. My services are no longer available. Please contact me at a later date to see if we have reopened our doors to new and existing clients.  I appreciate your understanding at this time.  Good luck with future endeavors.

Looking for original, personalized content to attract, engage, and convert your ideal customers? I can help. That’s what I do. I’m Linda A. Hamilton, a Sacramento-based freelance writer, business writer, and resume writer specializing in creating compelling content for business professionals and healthcare companies. As your ghost writer, I connect with your customers through clear, crisp writing that conveys your message so they take action.

I’ve helped position professionals in their job search with a highly personalized, keyword rich, results-oriented resume that shows employers how you add value through years of accomplishments that drive the bottom-line.

For over 30 years, I’ve been writing business articles, marketing content, and professional bios. As a storyteller, I’ve written public relations articles for the California Department of Parks & Recreation. To help employees with career promotion, I contributed to the Career Advancement Workbook for California Department of Motor Vehicles. Through well-researched blog posts, a small business grew its market share and gained new clients.

When a consultant wanted to promote to an executive position, I created a case study that showed his value-add for a Fortune 500 company. After three years of non-productive job search, I rewrote a job seeker’s resume and she had a job within one month.  And a Fortune 500’s Customer Service Department spiked to #1 in the wireless industry within two months after I rewrote their training curriculum for better employee engagement, learning retention, and improved customer service. .

Talented freelance writer helping businesses and professionals tell their stories:

  • What problems they solve
  • What are their goals
  • How they help others
  • How they are growing
  • How they got started
  • Why they are right for your group

I understand how business works.

As a business writer with a journalism background, I combine storytelling with reporting techniques to help marketing directors, CEOs, businesses and agencies, and career professionals:

  • Produce case studies, web content, professional bios, and marketing content that engages your prospects
  • Write training curriculum that boosts your company to #1 in its industry
  • Create engaging stories that capture your audience and compel them to take action
  • Better align your company through case studies that tell stories to educate you customers
  • Ghostwriter for your reports, documents, professional bios, essays to engage your customers and leave them wanting more

I help you create content that connects with customers.

Let me help you add-value through my insight, knowledge and experience gained from working as a resume writer and business writer with corporations like VSP, Verizon, multiple media services, and as a published author.

Learn more about how I can help you by reviewing my freelance writing services. 

Call or email me now for a free consultation.

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My passion is to position you for success. Well written copy connects you to your audience and projects a powerful image giving you a competitive edge. I'm dedicated to working with you until you're ecstatic about your material. My goal is to help you build your brand and stand out from the competition with outstanding writing.

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide the highest quality of written content for my clients regardless of their goals or level of success. Whether I'm working with a business to improve their market share, increase their Internet presence or create compelling copy that engages their readers, my goal is to create interesting, engaging copy that brings success.