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Whether you’re a sole proprietor, large corporation, chief executive or professional seeking a career change, you need to attract attention, increase your visibility and land that connection or interview.

Linda A. Hamilton is a freelance writer, editor and professional resume writer, who specializes in writing about business and employment with compelling content that drives your success and  captivates your audience so they step up and buy or add you to the interview pool.

Call or Email Linda Now and let her save you time and headache to articulate your ideas in clear, concise words that establish you as an expert in your field.

Linda’s business background and entrepreneurial spirit gives her insight to understand what you want to say to make you outshine the crowd and excite people with what you do. Your energy becomes contagious, attracting customer and employer interest for better responses, higher visibility and increased profitability

She’s helped:

►Job searchers win more interviews with skills-based resumes that outshine the competition and fine-tune professional strengths.
►Win more jobs through an improved interview presence through personalized Interview Coaching.
►Business owners win new clients and students gain scholarships with customized personal statements or essays.
►Small business owners strengthen their brand as a ghostwriter for online and print blog posts.
►Senior executives propel their careers through powerfully written resumes, CVs, cover letters and/or LinkedIn Profiles.
►Students refine their dissertations through proofreading and editing producing flawless content.
►A wireless carrier propel its customer service to #1 in their industry and win the coveted J.D. Power Award with enhanced learning through comprehensive training curriculum.
►A popular financial adviser and taxation specialist keep clients informed through an engaging quarterly newsletter.

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With more than 25 years experience and knowledge, Hamilton Writing Services offers freelance writing, resume writing, business and creative writing, resume reviews, resume writing workshops, proofreading and editing services to help with your professional and business needs. Read more...


My passion is to position you for success. Well written copy connects you to your audience and projects a powerful image giving you a competitive edge. I'm dedicated to working with you until you're ecstatic about your material. My goal is to help you build your brand and stand out from the competition with outstanding writing.

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide the highest quality of written content for my clients regardless of their goals or level of success. Whether I'm working with a business to improve their market share, increase their Internet presence or create compelling copy that engages their readers, my goal is to create interesting, engaging copy that brings success.


After receiving a notice for a really good job I had been pursuing with no luck, I decided I need help rewriting my resume, cover letter and a writing sample. I searched the internet and saw all kinds of people and prices up and down the board.

I settled in on Linda and boy am I glad I did. Not sure what to expect as I have never done this type of thing but knew I needed help.

Linda took the time to interview, discuss my business and look at my writing style.
I had a deadline to meet and it was close. She worked right up to it and completed my needs on time. She felt I was well qualified for the position.

The interview came and I assembled a packet for each on the interview panel. They were extremely impressed and I hit the ball out of the park. I landed a coveted job; i had previously tried for three times. Linda was a great help.

Very fair price, knows what she is doing and very personable. I give her 5 stars.

Thanks again Linda!

— Feb. 10, 2013

Wow-Brilliant!!! That is what I have to say about Linda’s “verbal portrait” of me. I had over 28 years of work experience that needed to be highlighted, summarized , yet not leave out any of “the Good Stuff”! She did it brilliantly! The resume and cover letter she prepared for me is simply, spot ON…..I am glad I trusted my “gut” and chose to hire her!

Devon C2





“At our most recent job fair, Linda volunteered her time and expertise to critique resumes. As a jobseeker was leaving, he told me that she did a great job helping him and that talking with her made coming to the job fair worth it. He found her advice very helpful and he said that she definitely knew what she was talking about.”


Trudy Catterfeld  Linda was a delight to work with and took me through the process of just not updating my resume, but writing a masterpiece that showed not only my solid experience, but represented that experience in the best possible light. She’s truly an expert in resume writing and I believe the way she communicates one’s work experience can make the difference in getting chosen for an interview. If you want to get employed, I would recommend Hamilton Writing Services as your first step in that direction.

— Feb. 12, 2014