Freelance Healthcare Writer, Content Strategist, Ghostwriter

Content Strategies, Case Studies and White Papers for Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Business, and Communications.

Linda Hamilton, Freelance Healthcare Writer, Ghostwriter, Content Strategist

Looking for targeted case studies, white papers, and content that show your clients why your products and services clearly answer their needs?

Need specialized content that focuses on healthcare, health & wellness, business or communications that informs, educates, and motivates readers to click and connect?

Because you are a busy marketing manager or corporate executive, let me help ease your writing burdens while you focus on the nitty-gritty of your business.

I help business professionals create case studies, white papers, and business communications that educate clients on why you’re their best choice.

As a seasoned freelance writer and ghostwriter, I help you develop a content strategy, write articles, or create a case study or white paper for your company that attracts readers, informs them of your products and services, and converts them to clients by answering their questions or solving their problems.

I’m Linda A. Hamilton, a Greater Sacramento area freelance writer and ghostwriter who crafts premium content for healthcare, construction, and communications industries. With high-end content you can inform your audience and strengthen your brand commitment, show authority, and convey quality and professionalism. Crafting comprehensive case studies, white papers, blogs, or articles requires an experienced content writer. Someone who understands the challenges and solves the questions.

Need a ghost writer to write memoirs, books or speeches? Take the credit with clear, crisp writing that conveys a story that entertains, informs or challenges.

With over 30 years as a freelance writer with a journalism background, I craft keyword rich case studies, white papers or articles that reinforce your brand, quality commitment and professionalism and let your clients know that you understand how to

  • Overcome challenges to connect with clients
  • Grow revenue through sound marketing strategy
  • Incorporate best practices that inspire employee morale
  • Implement onsite safety protocols that maintain client confidence
  • Train employees to maximize safety and operating protocols

I help you create content that connects with your clients.

My clients include Vision Service Plan, Verizon Wireless, Streetwise Reports, Walker Communications and multiple media services.

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